Man who was jailed after a lady was allegedly "crushed to death by a wardrobe" 

In the wee hours of the morning, Chloe Haynes, 21, was discovered dead in her room at the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool by a friend. 

The sad mishap was caused by her mistaking the closet for a toilet door in the middle of the night, according to reports.

Merseyside Police detained two further hotel guests who did not know Chloe and her coworker (who shared the room with her and raised the alarm) on suspicion of murder

Wayne Kenny, 46, one of the men detained, claimed to have heard a "commotion near his door."

He attempted to resuscitate Chloe with CPR with assistance from a 999 operator until paramedics came while he was with his two boys, who he had intended to spend the day with.

Wayne claimed that after thanking him, the emergency personnel instructed him to return to his room. 

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