Marvel fans lament what may have been as director exposes MCU's limited funding.

Suppose... Its aesthetic stylings earned accolades, but financial restrictions prevented a new style. The programme was originally supposed to feature a

"different" graphical style for each episode, however this was discarded owing to financial problems.

Fans question how the alternative would have compared to what they got. What If...? disappointed some. Others praise's creative talent

Fans say the final visual style was magnificent, especially the Doctor Strange episode, while others say it was boring and lacked personality.

One Redditor remarked, "That's precisely what I wanted, didn't care for the final aesthetic," while another added, "Many of the still frames from this episode are wonderful."

What If...? fans drew comparisons to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Love, Death & Robots. The anthology approach may have benefitted from diverse art styles in each episode.

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