Marvel reveals one Avenger's insurance nightmare

Damage Control #3 Spoilers Some heroes, like Thor, have a considerably higher influence on insurance claims than others in the Marvel Universe.

Damage Control is an important aspect of how the Marvel Universe works. They initially cleaned up after superhero battles.

The organisation has been reorganised to involve the government and recompense civilians who have been impacted by superhero wars.

Gus is attempting to find his position in Damage Control #3 by Adam F. Goldberg, Hans Rodionoff, and Nathan Stockman. He works in numerous areas before insurance.

In Trenton, Thor is fighting a gigantic fish monster. Black Tarantula confronts Gus about a laundry he operated for Hammerhead.

This scenario is both educational and entertaining since Black Tarantula burnt down the laundry to collect insurance. It reveals how Marvel's bureaucracy classifies heroes differently

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