McDonald's is adding comfort food to Big Macs.

Everybody likes comfort food. Comfort foods include spaghetti and meatballs, PB&J, fries, and pizza. Kraft Mac & Cheese is king, and fans will be excited to see it on the Big Mac.

McDonald's signature burger debuted in 1968. Uniontown, PA franchisee created it. Jim Delligatti introduced the dish in 1967 at 12 franchise sites before it became national.

The Big Mac was formerly called the Blue Ribbon Burger and the Aristocrat. Customers disliked both. Then 21-year-old corporate ad secretary Esther Glickstein. Big Mac's name was a success.

The Big Mac's original recipe remains despite the moniker change. Two beef patties, Thousand Island-like Mac sauce, American cheese, Iceberg, and onions on three sesame buns. 

Kraft introduced the orange candy in 1937. It became popular nationwide. 50 million cartons of Mac & Cheese were sold during WWII.

Nobody can touch the original, despite several variations and brands. Most pantries include Kraft Mac & Cheese, a child favourite. Many find it comforting.

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