McDonald's supporters furious over new policy:'real end of days stuff'

You want the drive-thru to function, the beverage to be better than at other fast-food places, and the dips for your McDonald's nuggets to be free

However, a viral TikTok depicts McDonald's charging 10p for dips. Fans are reacting passionately to the recent events, making the video viral. 

TikTok has 19 million views.
McDonald's charges for decreases in viral TikTok.@butler458 captioned his TikTok,

McDonald's dips cost 10p.
A McDonald's employee places a "Dips from 10p" sticker in the film.
Since McDonald's is franchisee-owned, certain rules may not apply elsewhere.

Another commenter criticised the service, writing,
They charge for dips when they can't get my order right?

One commenter said,
The corporation must act when customers request eight sauces on a ten-piece nugget.

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