Missouri woman catches rare crappie

A Missouri lady caught a golden crappie in her home pond, a fish that only a handful of people have ever seen.

Hollis Hadden, the angler, "...was extremely shocked to haul this one in." Hadden's brother, a Marine, was eventually able to identify the two-pound, thirteen-inch capture 

as a bedazzled striped bass.
A golden crappie, a species that is incredibly uncommon, was recently captured by a lady in Missouri from her home pond.

Haddan's golden crappie is the "rarest of the crappie species," as one crappie fisherman put it, since other crappie fish are a less-than-attractive black and white

Xanthochromism, the relative of albinism that causes orange or yellow pigmentation and affects fish, reptiles, birds, and amphibians, is the cause of the golden coloration of crappies

It's odd that the absence of colour in the golden crappie's scales makes them so strikingly brilliant yellow.

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