MLB world criticizes ALCS umpire's error in critical area

The New York Yankees' Game 2 ALCS loss to the Houston Astros will be remembered for its close calls in the bottom of the eighth inning. 

One batter later, Giancarlo Stanton struck out to end the inning after Aaron Judge came dangerously close to hitting the go-ahead home run. However, it wasn't without debate.

Bryan Abreu, a relief pitcher for Houston, cautiously pitched Stanton with first base open, quickly dropping to 3-0 against the New York slugger. 

Ball four seemed to be the 3-0 pitch. Only, D.J. Reyburn, the home plate umpire, ruled the pitch a strike.

That wouldn't have been a big concern if Abreu had continued to walk Stanton. But it didn't go like that. After retiring Stanton with a pair of strikes, Abreu finished the inning.

In terms of the miss, there have undoubtedly been worse. It was a pitch that moved quickly and a lot downhill.

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