NASA and SpaceX sign agreement for second lunar landing

NASA has partnered with SpaceX for a second lunar mission this decade.
The space agency chose SpaceX for the first crewed lunar landing in 50 years using a modified Starship spaceship.

The unmanned Artemis I mission launched from Kennedy Space Center this week to test a spaceflight technology that will transport people to the moon in 2024.

NASA will employ SpaceX's spaceship for Artemis III in 2025 and Artemis IV in 2027.
SpaceX hasn't completely tested the Starship spaceship, which would launch on its Super Heavy rocket

The new spacecraft system's maiden orbital test flight has been delayed but might happen this year.

NASA chief Bill Nelson called returning astronauts to the moon to study, live, and work a "bold effort" NASA will be better able to perform more research on the

moon's surface and prepare for crewed Mars missions with numerous SpaceX and future partner landers.

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