NASA Claims That "Weird Things" Are Currently Occurring in Our Universe

Exists a beginning and an end? Do ideas of space and time really exist? What brings us here? What is our origin? We are curious as to why we are actually here, 

the extent of our influence, and the significance of everything. We would all love to know the universe's secrets, as if discovering the "how" might alter the "why."

Our ability to exert control and change our goals increases as we gather more knowledge. According to recent Hubble Space Telescope studies, the universe is experiencing some odd phenomena.

NASA is attempting to determine what is actually occurring and why. However, this might not only contradict our prior beliefs 

 and conceptions of the world, but it might also usher in "whole new physics." The meaning is as follows.

According to NASA, our universe is undergoing some unusual changes. Scientists who were examining Hubble Space Telescope data communicated this knowledge.

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