NBA fans respond to Russell Westbrook's significant choice.

Last season, the Los Angeles Lakers had significant difficulties integrating star point guard Russell Westbrook into their offense. 

The organization is experimenting with how they want to employ Westbrook going forward with only one preseason game remaining before to the start of the NBA season.

Russell Westbrook will come off the bench for the Lakers' last preseason game on Friday against the Sacramento Kings, according to NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski.

This idea for Los Angeles has been discussed throughout the NBA summer, so it is not surprising to see them undertake this experiment in the preseason.

The Lakers' star LeBron James and Westbrook did not get along well last season, and Westbrook handling the main ball-handler position off the bench is undoubtedly an intriguing option.

That said, it is surprising to watch a previous MVP award winner like Westbrook have such a significant decline in his position that he might not even start the season.

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