Netflix drops a promising, unfinished programme.

Netflix, previously known for green-lighting nearly anything, has cancelled a large comedy project. Variety describes Bad Murders as a "dark comedic procedural follows Kara (Nicole Byer)

and Jennie (Lauren Lapkus), two FBI agents who investigate ghastly crimes while balancing friendship, professional goals, and as many guys as possible."

Netflix's year hasn't been great. The streaming service is laying off personnel, losing subscribers, and losing investor trust.

We're far from the early days of internet streaming, when Netflix dominated and no one could catch up. Disney Plus is cutting into Netflix's revenue and hosting

Marvel, Star Wars, Disney-Pixar, and now Doctor Who.
Stranger Things' comeback helped Netflix attract 2.4 million members after months of decline.

Netflix's crackdown on account sharing and the introduction of an ad-supported subscription tier mean the firm must be more careful with its spending.

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