Netflix's password policy is changing, and subscribers are losing access.

Netflix will start charging for password sharing in early 2023, as revealed last month. Netflix will charge for "additional member" subaccounts, CNET says

(when more people outside of one household use the membership). We know: What are 'extra member' fees?

The corporation didn't reveal the cost of the new levies when it revealed the plan last week, but the shift is being tested in many Latin American nations. In these areas, 

Netflix charges a fee for every additional member (around one-quarter of a 'Standard' plan's price).

If Netflix follows this strategy, each additional subaccount in the US will cost $3.50 to $4, CNET says. Depending on Chilean fees, it might reach $4.43. 

After a reputation for password laxity (think "my boyfriend's aunt's closest friend sharing my account"), Netflix is beginning to limit extra households using the same account

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