Next season's HBO's best show will end

According to one of its actors, Barry will stop after its fourth season. Anthony Carrigan, who portrays NoHo Hank, told Screen Rant that this would be his final season

The narrative and remarks from other performers, notably Bill Hader, appear to corroborate that Barry's journey ends shortly.

The third season ended with Barry in handcuffs, implying that the trained hitman will pay for his misdeeds. Henry Winkler and Bill Hader both said the programme was over, 

and because Hader is a co-creator, his opinion is important. Anthony Carrigan's confirmation is the latest sign that Barry may shortly retire.

Hader says HBO's Barry can't endure without straining plausibility. Barry Berkman may quickly lose an audience's suspension of disbelief, no matter how skillfully his narrative is conveyed

Critical praise isn't enough for HBO to sustain a programme beyond its concept. After a time, absurd circumstances and manufactured action may damage even the finest programmes

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