NFL player retires after selling rare Pokemon card

Blake Martinez, a linebacker for the NFL, is retiring from the sport to pursue a career in the collectible trading card industry.

He made more than twice as much money from the sale of a single mint-condition Pokemon card ($672,000) as he does from his current deal with the Raiders. 

Since joining the NFL in 2016, Blake Martinez has played for the New York Giants, the Green Bay Packers, and the Las Vegas Raiders.

He has played in games in each of the last seven seasons, but he has never been more than a depth player, spending much of his time on NFL Practice Squads. 

He founded Blakes Breaks to focus only on buying and selling rare trading cards. He retired from the NFL only days after auctioning off the card.

There has been a rise in the frequency with which NFL players are choosing to retire in recent years.

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