Nick Saban responds to Texas A&M's last play decision

The decisive play in Alabama and Texas A&M's thrilling game on Saturday night will be a hot topic in the college football world.

The Aggies had one more chance to win the game at the 2-yard line, down 24-20. Haynes King was unable to complete a throw that was incomplete regardless and missed the end zone.

Jimbo Fisher's call is being contested by Johnny Manziel and others, and Nick Saban explained how his defense got the crucial stop.

The head coach of the Crimson Tide said through Alabama Athletics that they had already seen that configuration when tight end Donovan Green was discovered open for a score by King 

In fact, Saban added, "we were trapping the flat and playing everyone inside out. They scored a touchdown earlier on the similar setup.

He compared the play to a two-point conversion and stated that normally they would take the same course of action, but this time they "wanted to alter the leverage on everyone."

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