No one over 40 should eat this breakfast food since it wrecks your metabolism.

Loss of muscular mass, undereating, and other lifestyle changes may reduce metabolism with age. There are several strategies to enhance your metabolism no matter your age

Eating a balanced, healthy breakfast may help your metabolism as you age. Some meals can naturally accelerate your metabolism, while others may slow it down.

Rayle and Sizemore caution against high-carb, low-fat and protein morning items like pastries. Rayle mentions a sweetened muffin as an example, but processed wheat and sugar are metabolic killers.

These breakfast items need little calories to digest, yet they're heavy in calories. Thermic effect of food (TEF) is what Rayle calls it.

Sugary, high-carb meals like muffins are harmful for weight reduction even without the TEF. "These meals produce blood sugar oscillations that make us hungry within a few hours," Rayle says. 

High-carb diets might harm your metabolism and health. "Over time, high carbohydrate diets may lead to obesity and diabetes when our bodies cease reacting to insulin," says Rayle.

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