America might survive four years under Trump, according to Obama, but he would be extremely concerned about a second term.

Former President Barack Obama voiced his optimism that the United States could survive four years of a Trump presidency 

but concern about what would happen if it lasted any longer — in an off-the-record chat with reporters during the closing days of his office.

Obama expressed faith in American institutions to thwart any attempts by then-incoming President Donald Trump to corrupt them for his own purposes.

Four years, in my opinion, is sufficient, said Obama. Take on some water, but we can kind of bail out quickly enough to be okay. 

A difficulty would arise after eight years. A prolonged time during which some of these standards have crumbled and begun to corrode would worry me.

Obama also cautioned journalists to closely monitor Trump's actions in relation to the politicization of law enforcement, particularly with regard to the US Department of Justice.

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