Officials: Black bear assaults guy in Tennessee cabin.

Wildlife authorities exterminated a black bear that broke into a Gatlinburg, Tennessee, rental cabin and injured a man. A bear greeted the guy in the cabin's kitchen near downtown. 

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency said it "charged the guy and swatted at him, injuring his face and head." He was hospitalised when the bear scratched his back.

He phoned 911 from his bedroom.
The bear broke through unlocked French doors.

The agency set a trap and euthanized a bear that met the description.
Bear sightings: Expert: Don't run
The 2- or 3-year-old bear reached over 200 pounds and had no offspring.

The agency provides suggestions for bear-inhabited areas:
Never approach or feed bears.
Food, trash, and recycling
Bears may destroy birdfeeders.

A 220-pound female bear was killed last week on the Gatlinburg Bypass following an automobile collision, a park official said. Drivers kill 11 bears every year in the park.

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