PayPal showed America the future. It's over

Free speech is the most important of our freedoms. It's the cornerstone of every right we enjoy and the reason society exists in its present form. As long as this right exists, 

society will continue to grow each year.
First Amendment guarantees of free speech only apply to Congress, local governments, and school boards.

 We accept a certain amount of censorship from private entities before responding strongly. No revolution is needed to alter the policies of even the greatest firms;

no blood or death is needed to frighten private companies. We may vote with our money by transacting with new firms formed by current corporations' actions.

Imagine a payment processing company establishing such a policy, making it the arbiter of "truth" and giving it a control over a person's livelihood when it disagrees with them.

Misinformation harms society and should be avoided. Creating regulations that allow one body to define "knowledge" and "truth" is incorrect.

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