Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop's new limited-edition flavour

Pepsi has been a staple at supermarkets, petrol stops, and stadiums for decades. How can a long-standing product remain relevant in a shifting digital landscape?

Pepsi's success may be attributable to its nostalgia-driven marketing (Macrotrends). Pepsi debuted the Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop with new Cream Soda and Black Cherry flavours last year 

According to Todd Kaplan, Pepsi's Vice President of Marketing, gazing back in time makes people happy in modern America. These patterns have risen there. Pepsi's 2022 nostalgia campaign

In addition to a new taste, the business recruited another modern-day pop singer to promote the limited-time product retro-style.

Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop is back with a new flavour: Zero Sugar Cream Soda Cola (per PR Newswire). Pepsi's YouTube channel features the new taste and vocalist Chlöe Bailey performing "Footloose"

Pepsi has launched various social media campaigns, including this one with Chlöe Bailey

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