Pizza Hut Taiwan's Halloween Pizza

Pizza lovers don't need science to explain their affection for the dish, but we'll use it anyway. Food science may explain our love of pizza, via The Washington Post.

Pizza toppings like cheese, pepperoni, sausage, and tomato contain glutamate, which makes our tongues happy. Also, pizza cooking. 

The Maillard process caramelises a completely cooked pizza, giving the cheese an unique taste and texture (per Steel City Pizza). What if a pizza isn't cooked properly?

Instead of pepperoni, cheese, and tomato sauce, how about clams, garlic, chicken, and tangyuan? Pizza Hut has introduced several odd tastes and toppings in Taiwan.

Pizza Hut Taiwan has introduced a sweet-and-savory pie mix fashioned like a spider web and covered with black garlic mousse Along the web's pointed edges are tasty entire sesame mochi with black eyes 

The salt in clam chicken soup, garlic, and glutenous rice used to produce tangyuan [sesame mochi] are all used as amulets against evil, according to Taiwan News.

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