Pokemon Legends: Arceus Is Terrible, Right?

I try not to yuck new releases. When Pokemon Legends: Arceus came out in January, everyone was anxious to hunt Big Buizel and save scumming to hunt shinies more effectively

I kept my lips quiet, save for one (deserved) rant against Bagin the Bag Man. I'm delighted folks liked the new Pokemon game, even if I didn't.

 It's nearly Game of the Year, so I can't wait. Now that we're 10 months distant, we can assess its virtues and shortcomings. Do you truly like Legends: Arceus?

If you still adore Legends: Arceus I absolutely understand it. I've travelled the globe to discuss, play and write about Pokemon, so if you'd use a Pikachu-adorned shovel for fun, you have my approval

Legends' maps are large, flat, empty wastelands. Nothing interesting to uncover, no riddles to complete, no spectacular sights. They're not geographically fascinating or genuine.

Also, Pokemon don't feel alive. Again, they cluster without rhyme or reason. Yes, there are more Ice-type Pokemon in Alabaster Icelands, but they're random within each zone

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