police: TikTok challenge vehicle crash claims four lives, including a young mother, 14

Tragic images of a young mother who died in a car accident in Buffalo that killed four teens and injured two others after a risky TikTok challenge have surfaced.

 Late on Sunday night, the youths allegedly learned how to hotwire the Kia Sportage via a TikTok video. 

The car crash claimed the lives of four passengers, the oldest victim being 19 years old. Another traveler was admitted to the hospital for intensive care. 

The 'Kia Boyz' challenge, which teaches users how to hotwire Kia and Hyundai cars with just a USB cord and a screwdriver, is thought to have been taking place when the youngsters were involved

Before dying in the accident, Ahjanae Harper (pictured), 14, had just given birth to a baby girl. Harper, a student at the Charter School for Applied Technologies, has a baby who is five months old.

Jayleen Hennessy, Harper's sister, told WIBV that Harper always had a smile on her face. Marcus Webster, 19, Swazine Swindle, 17, Kevin Payne, 16

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