Police who murdered Molotov-throwing guy not charged

Prosecutors say police officers who shot and killed a man tossing Molotov cocktails and torching automobiles won't face prosecution. Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman revealed the 

 investigation's findings. Freeman's investigation found "the lethal use of force was not illegal" and there is no legal basis for a criminal prosecution.

Reuel Rodriguez-Nuez, 37, threw flammable cups at police officers and their cars on May 7 in Raleigh, North Carolina. His relatives thought he was psychotic.

In June, police released body camera video showing an officer sprinting into the parking lot and seemingly goading Rodriguez-Nuez. Three cops stand farther away.

Master Officer P.W. Coates yells "Do it!" Another cop urges Rodriguez-Nuez to put his hands on his head. Coates approaches Rodriguez-Nuez inside a parking spot and says, "Go"

Despite an officer's unprofessional behaviour, criminal punishment is not warranted, Freeman said. I anticipate the agency to consider a policy violation and disciplinary action.

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