Popeyes' Thanksgiving Turkey Price Has TikTok Furious.

Preparing a Thanksgiving feast is daunting for anybody, from rookie to expert cooks. Thanksgiving hosts have heart palpitations from the hundreds of dishes they prepare and

 the numerous hungry mouths to feed. You're not alone if your Thanksgiving meal hasn't gone well. "The typical American thinks half a dozen things don't go precisely as planned, the New York Post said

 If you only make five mistakes this year, you're doing better than most! Most people experiment with mashed potatoes, stuffing, candied yams, and sweet potato casserole.

TikTok doesn't believe Popeyes sells Thanksgiving dinners. People assume this Miami chain's pre-made roast turkey is expensive.

USA Today said Popeyes' 2021 Cajun-Style Turkey priced $39.99. Online $94.99 pre-made turkeys sold out this year. Popeyes locations sell this item beginning at $49.99, although prices vary.

 Simply defrost and re-heat it before serving. The turkey is perfect for an eight-to-12-person party.

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