Qatar 2022 World Cup: Fifa requests to exclude Iran from the event

The body has received a written request asking it to suspend the Iranian Football Association from a group of Iranian football and sports figures.

They contend that government interference violates Fifa regulations by prohibiting women from entering stadiums in Iran.The group stated that Fifa's neutrality was not an option.

It occurs in the midst of a bloody crackdown by the nation's security forces on protracted anti-government demonstrations.

The request comes in response to an earlier one made by the human rights organization Open Stadiums last month.

"In stark contradiction to Fifa's values and bylaws, women have been routinely denied entry to stadiums around the nation and systematically barred from the Iranian football environment.

"The Iranian Football Federation cannot be viewed as an autonomous organization free from any form or kind of influence if women are not permitted into stadiums across the nation

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