Reba McEntire's Band Was Killed in a Tragic Plane Crash

Over the years, disaster has plagued the music business, and the tragic aircraft accident 

that claimed the lives of several members of Reba McEntire's band is just one more heartbreaking tale of loss that won't soon be forgotten. 

 The Queen of Country is no stranger to suffering the effects of bad luck; she grew up with a distant father who "never told his children he loved them,"

 and she lost a significant amount of money when her husband of more than 25 years unexpectedly sent her with divorce papers. 

The three-time Grammy winner has persevered through many obstacles and picked up some tips on appreciating the little things along the road.

The country singer urged listeners on a recent edition of Apple Music's "I Miss...90s Country Radio" to "concentrate on the day that you have and enjoy it while you have it." 

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