Salmon's protein content

Salmon is considered healthful on the Mediterranean, keto, and other diets. Salmon is a tasty, healthy, and easy-to-find fatty seafood. According to a 2020 research,

 eating fish frequently may reduce heart disease risk. Salmon's omega-3 fatty acids may benefit bone, eye, brain, and emotional health. Protein levels make salmon the king of fish.

USDA: 100 grammes of wild-caught salmon has 115 calories and 19.5 grammes of protein (USDA). It's 4.42g fat

Farmed salmon includes 212 calories, 20.4% protein, and 13.3% fat per 100 grammes (per USDA). Raw salmon may lower protein levels.

If you like raw salmon (poke bowl, sashimi, etc.), the protein amount may be lower since raw salmon's nutrients are less concentrated, says SFGate. More water in the fish causes this

. Cooking salmon removes water, making it more nutrient-dense. All of these salmon selections are lean protein, carbohydrate-free, and low-calorie (via SFGate)

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