Saturday Mascot Actions Suspended

An NCAA football team's mascot has been kicked off the field for poor conduct over the weekend.

Stanford's Tree mascot said Sunday night that it has been banned from future football games because of its actions during the previous weekend's game.

"Stanford has chosen to suspend the Tree for going out onto the field last game with a placard stating 'Stanford Hates Fun.' Tree socials will be dormant for the next several months

See y'all soon," the mascot declared.
On Saturday, Stanford was defeated by UCLA by the score of 38-13.

Greetings, this is Tree number 43. As some of you have inquired, I will state for the record that the decision was made by the [Stanford bandleadership ]'s in accordance with 

previously stated Band policy. No need to panic, however; I'm coming out of retirement until #44 returns this winter, as a subsequent tweet puts it.

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