Scientists Find a Vast Ocean Below the Earth's Surface

Numerous works of science fiction have been inspired by the concept of an underwater planet, but according to one team of experts, it's not too distant from reality.

They've found a region underneath the earth's surface that may contain several times more water than the rest of the planet's seas put together.

The finding, which may support a notion that challenges accepted beliefs about how water first entered the planet, was sparked by the discovery of a diamond. 

Geoscientists from Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany, were looking into a diamond that was discovered more than 2,100 feet below the surface of the earth in Botswana, Africa. 

They discovered the stone had a lot of water inside of it after carefully examining its contents. 

The diamond's high water content provides evidence in favor of the hitherto unproven idea that a vast ocean is suspended between the top and lower layers of the planet's crust.

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