Something unexpected is being sent to the moon by NASA.

The Artemis I uncrewed lunar mission was originally scheduled to launch on August 29, 2022, however that date was changed after a problem with lowering engine temperature before the launch. 

Then, because of a hydrogen leak, the postponed launch had to be postponed as well (via NASA).

It has now been postponed to Monday, November 14 (via NASA), in the hopes that everything will go according to plan this time.

In addition to giving space enthusiasts—really, anyone who might be interested—an additional reason to pay attention, NASA has been building up for a new attempt

to launch its uncrewed space mission test flight. Artemis I will be carrying some unique cargo when it ultimately enters space: you!

Alright, not really. Human astronauts are not meant to fly on the Artemis I mission, much less as passengers. However, it is possible to transmit a small portion of yourself to the moon.

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