Southwest pilot sues after coworker strips

A Southwest Airlines pilot is suing the business, her union, and a former colleague who stripped nude in front of her last year. Christine Janning claims Southwest punished by grounding 

her after she reported Michael Haak to the business and FBI. She also claims supervisors disparaged her in memoranda.

She claims the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association collaborated with the airline and didn't back her. She's suing Haak for assault.

Haak's attorney, Michael Salnick, said Wednesday that his client disrobed after Janning urged him to and never did anything else. Southwest said it will vigorously defend itself against Janning's case

Janning stated Haak informed her this was his last trip and he wanted to do something before retiring.

Salnick stated Janning approached Haak about his retirement plans. After he disrobed, she made sexual approaches, Salnick stated. Haak denied an indecent behaviour, he claimed.

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