Spotify removes Maynard James Keenan interview

Friday, Spotify pulled 80 Joe Rogan programmes. Joe Rogan's podcast was deleted because he used racial obscenities, including an interview with Tool's Maynard James Keenan.

All of these 2019 episodes are unconnected to his pandemic misinformation scandal. Arie recently opposed Spotify on Instagram, claiming she uncovered 24

instances of him using the N-word and calling his analysis vulgar.
Joe Rogan said, "He shouldn't be speaking this term." Never, ever discuss it.

Most episodes come from before 2019 and don't include pandemic misleading information. Slurs are racist. Ouch!

Rogan apologised on Instagram, saying, "I recognise there's no situation where a white person is permitted to speak that term, much alone openly on a podcast, and I agree with that today."

Joe Rogan shouldn't use the n-word. Never mention it. I agree. I have always stood there.” She then blasts Spotify, saying, "We have this offensive individual who's paid $100 million."

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