Starbucks 'Hack' to Delete Orders

Starbucks customers have several methods for obtaining the greatest beverages and saving money. Some clients overdo the latter job. In 2020, some TikTok users stole baristas' 

 ID information to receive free beverages. Hits96 reports that many consumers purchase something basic, like ice or milk, and then use the add-ons to create a latte for cheap or free.

A angry barista posted a customer's daring effort to get a cheaper Starbucks drink on TikTok. One technique often backfires on Starbucks customers and staff, as this barista highlighted in a TikTok. 

TikTok cocktails and entitled clients already stress up Starbucks staff. Sadly, some Starbucks customers use 'hacks' that may get baristas fired.

The newest 'hack' involves using the Starbucks app to purchase a 5-cent paper bag. That's OK. In the "order request" area, the consumer orders a grande strawberry creme frap. 

 Look for Starbucks offers or brew your drink at home to save money. Starbucks staff shouldn't be hassled or wasted.

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