Stephen A. Smith Is Very Critical of Tom Brady's Retirement

Stephen A. Smith expressed his opinions about the Buccaneers and Tom Brady's future on ESPN's "First Take."

Stephen A. Smith, an ESPN personality, is well known for his heated comments on sports, particularly on one of the network's most watched programs, "First Take."

Dan Orlovsky and Michael Irvin joined Stephen A. to explore if the Buccaneers are "done" on Monday's edition. 

Irvin and Stephen A. both said "not yet" in response to Orlovsky's "yes," but Stephen A. added that the Buccaneers are now awful and that "Tom Brady is done after this season."

Stephen A. Smith declared that the greatest quarterback of all time should retire after this season, take that $375 million check,

and sail off into the sunset as a broadcaster. He came across as quite sure of himself and strong in his assertion.

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