Subway's New Menu Test Rivals Chipotle

Subway serves... Why not "subs," "sandwiches," or "footlongs"? Since 1965, Subway has sold sandwiches, thus saying it offers anything else is incorrect. 

Subway has experimented with its menu beyond the typical footlongs. Subway released the "Flatizza" in 2014.

NPR dubbed the Flatizza a "excellent fast-food pizza" but it was removed off the menu. In Canada, Subway had its own chicken sandwich.

Subway Canada launches Signature Rice Bowls, according a news release. Subway's rice bowls offer fresh veggies, spicy sauces, and new robust grains, like Chipotle's burrito bowls.

"Our next hurdle was mastering Rice Bowls," says Subway Canada's Culinary Manager John Botelho. "Subway wanted to offer Canadians something new."

The chain has added bowls before. In 2020, Chew Boom claimed that Subway launched Protein Bowls sans bread.

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