Tesla is more than an automaker

Unlike SolarEdge (NASDAQ: SEDG), a former partner, and NextEra Energy (NYSE: NEE), Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) is still a carmaker despite its desire to become a "global decentralised electric utility".

 Elon Musk argues that Tesla is a tech or AI firm, with its energy segment someday equaling or surpassing its automobile sector.

Battery guarantee fulfilledAs the most costly aspect of EV production, battery cost and efficiency must be improved to reduce EV prices. Only then can they compete with ICEs.

Musk's predicted improvements in battery cost and performance are crucial to Tesla meeting its 2030 goal of 20 million cars a year. By employing larger cells and dry-coating, 

Musk aimed to install 1,000 solar roofs every week. According to last quarter's statistics, the organisation has 23 per week.

Tesla has announced a new virtual power plant (VPP) that will help an island in Japan, Miyako-jima, gain more from renewable energy while strengthening the grid's resiliency.

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