Tesla's deliveries fell short. Why Buy?

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) is the biggest EV manufacturer, hence its stock rose on its last quarterly car delivery announcement. Its direction is startling.

EV pioneer's shares fell after reporting third-quarter production and deliveries. Instead of fleeing because of lower-than-expected deliveries, investors should concentrate on the stock and company

Tesla delivered 344,000 automobiles in the quarter. The news disappointed investors, causing a stock sell-off. 

hese deliveries were 42% greater than the preceding year and 35% higher than the prior quarter. Long-term investors don't care about these stats.

What truly mattered in that report were Tesla's 366,000 third-quarter automobiles. That's 1.45 million cars yearly. Despite the company's current challenges. 

Investors shouldn't worry about the gap between third-quarter production and delivery. All of its output has customers, but the business is looking for "affordable car transportation capacity."

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