Tesla's Friday Stock Crash

Elon Musk made a significant statement last night that wasn't about Twitter. Tesla shares were down 5.9% as of 3:05 p.m. ET Friday despite positive news.

Musk tweeted last night that PepsiCo would get Tesla's first Semi truck on Dec. 1. Friday's employment data overshadowed Musk's surprise today

 With more jobs created in September than predicted and a lower unemployment rate, investors envision the Fed boosting interest rates.

Investors dumped riskier growth stocks like Tesla. Investors are correct to ask whether Musk will need to sell additional Tesla shares to buy Twitter.

Investors are excited about Tesla's electric Semi truck and Cybertruck. Next year, that electric pickup will ship.

The Semi can drive 500 kilometres on one charge. That beats Nikola's Tre BEV's 330-mile range (battery electric vehicle). Nikola's hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric truck will have greater range. 

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