The 3 Yankees are primarily to responsible for the unbridgeable 0-3 ALCS deficit.

Returning home was meant to spark an ALCS comeback, but for the Yankees it only resulted in further struggles against the Houston Astros, a team they just can't seem to get the better of.

Jose Altuve has hardly made a difference. Instead of being the stuff of Yankees fans' nightmares, Carlos Correa is in the radio booth. These Astros are different from those from 2017 and 2019.

Why therefore can't New York reach the top and triumph over their competitor to take home the pennant?

Prior to Game 3, Aaron Boone defended Josh Donaldson, but the statistics refute him. The seasoned slugger started the postseason with two singles, 

but he has since gone 3-for-22 (as of this writing). Even though the Yankees' lineup benefits from his good OBP, he isn't making strong contact.

"It's intriguing how quickly everyone pounces on him. For all of his, quote, "struggles," he has played in the postseason at a 40 percent clip so far "added Boone.

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