The Great White Shark that killed the mother surfaced through a wave in waist-high water.

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Kimon Bisogno, 39, was with her husband and little daughter on a beach in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, on Monday.

According to GB News, the great white shark, estimated to be around 13 feet long, attacked the woman while she was wading in waist-deep water.

Witnesses reported that while adjacent residents yelled for assistance, the water "turned crimson." According to, the great white came up to Bisogno rapidly and grabbed her by the teeth.

According to a statement from the National Sea Rescue Institute, rescuers and police services arrived at 7.53 a.m. and found Bisogno's remains around 50 yards from the scene of the attack.

Although great white sharks are present throughout South African seas, the winter months off the Western Cape are when they are most prevalent.

During the winter, billions of sardines use the chilly ocean waters to procreate, which experts say is the cause of this "feeding frenzy" of sardines. 

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