The Greatest FIFA World Cup Anthems

We frequently remember World Cup champions and amazing goals from prior competitions, but there is another memory that plays a distinct note in our nostalgia: anthems.

When Chile hosted the quadrennial competition, the first World Cup anthem was performed. The first-ever anthem was "El Rock del Mundial" by Los Ramblers

An anthem has since evolved into a World Cup custom. Since 2002, numerous artists have curated songs in various languages that are used for promotional purposes

with one song being deemed the "official" version. Sometimes, one song will be translated into various languages.

The official Budweiser anthem of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is Lil Baby's "The World is Yours to Take," with "Hayya Hayya" by Trinidad Cardona, Davido

There are plenty to choose from, both official and unofficial, but these five World Cup anthems are among the greatest of all time, in no particular order

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