The Heartbreaking Brittney Griner News: How the Sports World Reacts

According to reports, specifics have come to light, providing us a glimpse into Brittney Griner's existence in a Russian jail.

A story claims that Brittney Griner only spends one hour per day outside of the cell she shares with her housemates for about 23 hours each day.

Britney Griner shares a small Russian cell with two other prisoners for 23 hours per day, according to a tweet from Legion Hoops.

"Both of her cellmates at Correctional Colony No. 1 or IK-1, a pre-trial detention facility, speak English and are incarcerated due to drug-related offenses.

 According to prison regulations, convicts are only permitted to take showers twice a week. It is around an hour's drive from Moscow.

Formerly a children's orphanage, the structure underwent a 2012 conversion to become a jail.

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