New York Yankees coach received criticism for using the "worst explanation ever."

Aaron Boone, the head coach of the New York Yankees, has attributed their Thursday night loss to the Astros' opening of the stadium's roof in Houston.

The Astros, who need two victories to go to the World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies or San Diego Padres, have now defeated the Yankees 2-0. 

Coach Boone claimed that the stadium had contributed to their defeat, which Yankees supporters have dubbed "the dumbest excuse of all time."

After eight innings, Aaron Judge connected on a pitch that appeared to be headed for the seats for a home run,

 but it fell short. With the Yankees behind by one run going into the closing frames, they would go on to suffer the heartbreaking loss.

Boone stated to the media: "Who would have guessed, I believe the roof being open nearly killed us. It appears to be a 390 [foot] ball.

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