The Reaction Of The Sports World To The Surprising Randy Johnson News

Even though Randy Johnson's MLB career is long past, the Hall of Fame pitcher continues to remain active in the game.

A picture of Johnson taking pictures at an NFL game went viral on Wednesday.

Sophie Kleeman of Business Insider published the image and said, "Learned today that Randy Johnson is now a professional photographer (??) and photographs NFL games (???) on Twitter.

It is unexpected to see Johnson, who is 6 feet 11 inches tall, shooting hoops on an NFL sideline, but many appear to be extremely pleased about it.

"I adore it. When your career as an athlete is over, your life doesn't end. Go live a new life and rule, "Jay Richardson, a former NFL player, tweeted.

Charlotte Wilder of FOX Sports remarked, "I sought to feature Randy in 2019 about his photography business because he also shoots photos at rock events (like Iron Maiden)". 

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