The world's most deadly spider sneaks up on a lady using the toilet.

A 'giant' huntsman spider was found hiding behind the toilet seat, terrifying an Australian model.

Gabriella Pizzato is a resident of Queensland's Gold Coast. She rose up and was horrified to see the spider coming out from behind its hiding spot.

I just flushed the toilet after getting up, and there is a gigantic god damn spider behind the seat, she said on TikTok.

I remained seated for almost 20 minutes! Oh my God, let me show you; it really is enormous. I'd like to weep. It is enormous,"

As the spider's legs emerged from under the toilet's rim, she was rendered speechless.I just noticed his legs, oh my god. She said, "It's like under the rim.

She wrote "hello to Australia" as the video's description and added, "I have no idea how I'm ever going to go to the bathroom again."

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