Three complaints of razor blades in Halloween candy are investigated in Oregon.

Oregon police are investigating accusations of razor blades in Halloween candy.
Eugene police Capt. Chris Harrison said the first complaint of blades in a candy bar was Halloween night.

“One parent was scrutinising their child's candy bag and saw a slit in one of the wrappers,” he added. "Thinking it was weird, they unwrapped the candy wrapper and discovered a razor blade inside.

Harrison stated the inch-long razor blade was like a pencil sharpener blade. On Tuesday, authorities received two further allegations of razor blades in sweets,

similarly inserted via a tiny incision.
Harrison found three blades in two Kit Kats and one Almond Joy.

Harrison claimed trick-or-treaters picked up the modified candy within a four-block radius. Harrison said complaints were centred from W. 24th to W. 27th avenues in central and south Eugene.

Harrison said police had no suspects and refused to detail their investigation. A senior detective was assigned, he added.

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