Thursday Night, College Football Sends NFL Fans a Message

In Thursday Night Football action, the Chicago Bears are down 3-0 against the Washington Commanders at halftime.

Even if both teams are still trying to figure out how to operate an effective offence, Thursday night's college football contest should be intriguing anyway.

A public service announcement: there is a fun Big 12 football game on TV right now, tweeted The Athletic's Stewart Mandel tonight.

Two NFL teams have combined for three points through one half of football today, so entertaining could be underselling the high scoring contest in Morgantown between West Virginia and Baylor.

If there is no change in the score after the break, many NFL fans may switch to the Baylor-West Virginia game, which has a 37-33 advantage with 14 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter.

When you consider that the Baylor offence scored 21 points in the second quarter it's possible that the combined offensive efforts of the Commanders and the Bears won't be enough to win tonight's game

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