Tom Brady's Startling Pregame News Draws Reaction From NFL World

It's reasonable to assume there was some (possibly one-sided) beef between the two seasoned quarterbacks based on some recent remarks made by retired NFL quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

During their time together in the NFL, Fitzpatrick claimed recently that Brady had "no respect" for him.

Fitzpatrick, who now serves as an analyst for Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime, will be present for tonight's game between the Baltimore Ravens and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

During warm-ups before the game, Fitzpatrick and Brady were seen greeting each other.Twitter was used by the NFL community to respond to this development.

One supporter wrote, "Couldn't keep that same energy lmaooo."Another person said, "I'm not surprised at all. Tom Brady's public persona is mostly a facade, unless he's wasted on a boat."

Brady spoke about the situation on his Let's Go! podcast after hearing Fitzpatrick's remarks about him.

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