Truth-snapping by Anthony Rizzo on Aaron Judge leaving the Yankees and becoming free agency

The MLB Playoffs have been lost to the New York Yankees, therefore attention is now on Aaron Judge's future. The legendary slugger is about to become a free agent

and will unquestionably be a sought-after acquisition. After the Yankees' Game 4 defeat to the Houston Astros, first baseman Anthony Rizzo made that very apparent

Whatever Aaron Judge receives will be "astronomical," according to Rizzo, and he deserves it. "He made a self-bet on the biggest platform, in the biggest market, 

and he effortlessly pulled it off. He deserves to receive the game's greatest salary as compensation. He represents the new gold standard, in my view.

In 2022, Judge hit 62 home runs, which is an American League record. He made the wise choice to back himself, and as a result, he will soon be receiving a sizable sum of money in MLB free agency. 

Although the Yankees intend to re-sign him, Aaron Judge will have little trouble finding a new team.

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